The One Person Business Blueprint

The one-person business blueprint for success and mastery in the digital age.

Mar 29, 2024


10 min


After spending nearly a decade focused on finding the right partners and recruiting the right talent to build successful & lasting projects. I realized I was doing it wrong.

This is a blueprint for a one-person business, the focus should be on building a strong, self-reliant foundation while acknowledging the importance of external resources and connections. At its core, the one-person business model is built upon the SELF, reflecting a journey towards mastery and understanding.

First, I needed to find a clear foundation of who I was, what I do, and why I do it.

Within this foundation, covering all three of these questions, is the framework. How all the pieces of your business fit, and of course, work together.


This represents the internal journey towards mastery, more deeply explored in my upcoming book "Not A Quick Fix," which details lifelong practices for mastery of SELF. It identifies four main aspects of SELF that are crucial to personal and business success:

Mind: The mental, physical, and environmental aspects that shape your well-being.

Mission: The purpose, vision, and actions that drive your endeavors.

Skills: The foundational, technical, and mastery levels that define your capabilities.

Systems: The productivity, creativity, and consistency that sustain your operations.

These aspects serve as a summary of progress markers in life and business. The book is essentially a reflection of observed patterns of progress, translated into a format that not only challenges the self but also proves the universality of the framework. It hypothesizes that by consistently showing up and adhering to this framework, any set goal can be achieved, which includes the very writing of the book itself. Moreover, for the framework to be validated, it must demonstrate efficacy for others, not just the author.

The Creator:

As a creator, you embody the essence of creation, which is a natural state that lies within each of us. In today's digital age, mastering the tools & scaffolding of the internet is crucial for leveraging the state of our economy and ensuring that your creations gain visibility and consumption.

Your role as a creator is to produce exceptional work, maintain a fulfilling life, as you pursue continual mastery.

The Resources:

This element encompasses the support system behind the one-person business, including team members, contractors, tools, software, assets, finances, and networks. Embracing a one-person business model doesn't equate to isolation. It means understanding and personally managing tasks before delegating them to trusted individuals, which is key for scaling both time and impact.

The Media Engine:

Envision yourself as a media company, diversifying across platforms, managing reach, monetizing strategically, and scaling sustainably. This metaphorically represents you and your capacity to share knowledge, craft, and build your audience and network.

The Venture Lab:

This space is for sharing ideas with the world, creating impact, and growing resources. It includes startups, investments, and your portfolio—anything where you hold a stake and aim to generate value and returns.

The Agency:

Here, the focus is on building and maintaining a client list, offering services and products to companies, individuals, or both. The agency should function as a platform for selling and scaling client-based work.

The Audience:

Your audience becomes your marketing powerhouse. Through a value exchange, where you provide valuable content or services, your audience reciprocates, helping to grow and sustain your business.

By aligning your personal development with your business infrastructure, this blueprint for a one-person business encourages not only self-reliance but also smart reliance on external resources and connections. It is a pathway that blends the journey towards SELF mastery with practical steps to cultivate a resilient, scalable, and successful business model.

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